Bend, Oregon Grocery worker dies stopping shooter

Bend police call Donald Surrett a hero.   When a young man entered a grocery story and started firing his AR-15, Surrett confronted the shooter and tried to disarm him.  Surrett hid behind a produce cart and then attempted to fight the shooter with a produce knife he kept on his hip.  Surrett was shot and killed, police say at that moment the shooter turned his gun on himself and committed suicide.  Police credit Surrett with slowing down the shooter and saving others.    His friends and family are not surprised by Surrett’s action.   He gave his life protecting his community and others…..even though it resulted in his own death.  


In Connecticut,  Bob Shellard doesn’t let COVID stop him from sending a special “I Love You” to his wife in a nursing home.    He stands outside and holds a sign saying “I Love you for 67 years and I still do,  Happy Anniversary. “


During the riots of June 2020, a man identified as Alexander Cash opted to show kindness instead.   He gave some of the water donated to the protestors to police instead.   Police said thank you.   This is a great example of showing kindness during angry events. 


There were a lot of riots in 2020.  In Louisville, Kentucky, officer Galen Hinshow responded to a radio call of an officer in trouble.  As he responded, his cruiser was surrounded by protestors.  He got out of the car and back up to a local pizza parlor.   One man in the crowd felt compassion and jumped in front of the officer.  Four others linked arms and helped.  The protestors faced off other protestors.   The confrontation lasted only four minutes and the man who first jumped up to  help Hinshow escorted him to a waiting squad car.  In this everyone walked away. 


It all started in Houston, Texas in 2007.   Founder Michael Holthouse had a brainstorm.  Why not have communities help kids operate lemonade stands and teach them business skills, community involvement and customer service.   It  has caught on.  More than one million kids have had the “lemonade day” experience in more than 80 markets in United States, Canada, Bermuda, six U.S. military bases. 

When American need help, Americans help!

the entire world looks to the United States of America in times of need.  We are the defacto big brother in the room.

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There are great, positive things going on in America

We are hearing a constant stream of bad news about America, from political infighting to blaming.   But as we look to main street, we see Americans rolling up their sleeves and doing good things.   The Bible says not to weary in doing good.   Many Americans are not waiting for a hand out from the government.   They are taking matters into their own hands and engaging in positive, community building projects.   

Let’s look at some of these projects and people.

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